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Purbreath – A Simple Spray to Keep Tooth Troubles Away

Ok, dog lovers, let’s see a show of paws. How many of you have taken a peek inside your pup’s mouth lately? Although most dog owners know about the benefits of canine health care practices like regular examination and vaccination, statistics unfortunately show that many of us are forgetting about the importance of caring for our dog’s oral health, too.

Dental disease in our furry friends happens much in the same way that it does in people. Plaque builds up on the surface of the teeth, irritating the gums and causing inflammation, and then binds with components in your dog’s saliva, causing it to harden into deposits of solid, yellow tartar on the teeth. With increased buildup of plaque and tartar come bad breath, sore, swollen and bleeding gums, dental inflammation and infection, and eventually loose and missing teeth. Ouch – now that’s painful for a pup! Long term dental disease can even lead to kidney and heart damage down the road for your favorite furry friend, too.

The best way to keep tooth troubles at bay is to brush your dog’s teeth, as often as possible, to remove dental plaque before it causes problems.

Tooth brushing also massages your dog’s gums, keeping them firm and healthy too, and with a bit of patience and the right attitude, it can be simple to help your dog to get used to having their chompers cleaned.

Ideally, it’s best to start slowly with your dog or puppy, getting them used to handling around their head and mouth. Use tasty treats to create a positive association! Then gradually introduce a soft finger brush to massage teeth and gums, and when your pup is ready for the next step, a regular toothbrush can be used.

Some dogs with already existing dental disease may find tooth brushing uncomfortable, however, while nervous, anxious, or recently rescued dogs may the introduction of a strange object into their mouths frightening. Similar to humans with a fear of the dentist, a few of our furry friends find tooth cleaning so stressful that they run, hide, or even try to bite their owners! In these situations, an alternative option, like Innovet Purbreath, might be ideal. Easy to use for our canine companions, Purbreath can be sprayed directly into your pet’s mouth.

image (1)The formula is natural, safe and antibacterial, helping to reduce oral odor and promote healthier gums, and also helps to soften and break down the plaque on your pup’s teeth as well, keeping their teeth sparkling.

Although Purbreath can be used on its own as an alternative to tooth brushing, it can also be a fantastic way to complement your dog’s daily brushing routine too, making tooth cleaning more effective and leaving your pup with fresher breath as well. With the daily care and regular visits to your dog’s veterinarian, you can help keep tooth troubles for your dog at bay. Now that’s something to smile about!

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