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What You Need to Find Your Lost Pet

Losing a pet can be difficult if not impossible. Thought the death of a pet is tough, knowing that they could be out there looking for you is so much tougher. There are a few basic things that you should be prepared for when you start looking for a lost pet. The first is of course a basic description.

Basic Description Points

Name, Age, Size/Weight, Hair and Coat Color, Basic Build, Collars or Tags, any other information you deem valuable. Knowing these basics can help people quickly and easily identify your dog or cat or other pet if they see it. With a good physical description, you can quickly and easily identify your pet if you see them or if someone finds them.

Last Seen

The next bit of information you should work on is where your pet was last seen. If you lost them in a dog park for instance, knowing the address and some areas around it could be helpful. Also, knowing where your pet usually strays if they do run off frequently can be helpful. It is always best to know exactly where you last saw your pet as this is the best place to start looking.


The next bit of fact you should work on is what your pet usually does, this could be weird quirks that it has, how it reacts around other animals, and how it reacts around people. Basically, this the section of the flyer or listing that you focus on to help you differentiate your pet from others even if the person does not get close enough to see a tag or call a name. Some good points would be does your pet like people, do they come to their name, do they like other animals, and any other behavior that may help you set your animal apart from the other animals that may be wondering around.

Losing your pet can be difficult, but with a bit of expedience, diligence, and a great listing or poster, you can find your best bud again. Something like a lost pet website may be your best tool when it comes to reaching people in the area and really getting connected with your pet again. You can find your pet again, even when all hope seems lost and it seems like your pet is long gone. With a little bit of help and some speedy foot work, you can find them again.

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