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What Pests Are Most Dangerous To Your Pets

Your pets are your life. They live with you, they keep you smiling, and you care for them dearly. That is why you need to know the different threats to them that may exist. A variety of pests can be a nuisance or even dangerous to your pets, the pests that you find listed below being the most harmful. Save your pets from danger, pain or discomfort by being aware of these threats.


Fleas are something pets get all the time, and in developed countries, the chance of pets being seriously harmed by them is almost unheard of if they are treated in a timely fashion. Fleas can be extremely dangerous to pets of all kinds though, if left unchecked. They feed off the pet’s blood and will reproduce until they start to harm the animal. Treating fleas quickly and thoroughly is extremely important. But treating fleas on your pet is not normally enough – you need to treat the home environment they are sharing with you. This is when it many people call in a professional to help them and really deal with the problem.


Ticks are known to be harmful to humans, but not everyone knows that they can be just as harmful to our pets. Ticks, like fleas, feed off of your pet’s blood. They are also known to spread diseases and illnesses that can be very harmful to your pet’s health. Look out for ticks when animals have been in long grass and undergrowth, especially in more rural areas.


Mites are another small insect species that can hurt your pets. They aren’t as dangerous as some of the other pests on this list but they can cause serious health issues. In pets, mites can cause multiple different types of mange. Another condition they can cause is ear problems from burrowing in your pet’s ears.


While not every location has high wasps, there are plenty of them out there and they can cause a variety of problems for pets. Swarming wasps are the most dangerous as this may result in multiple stings. If you have a wasps’ nest on your building, it might be best for both pets and people to have the nest dealt with in a safe manner.


If you have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or other small pets these should be protected from foxes by using a suitable cage or pen which is fox-proof, or keeping them indoors. Both urban foxes and rural foxes could make use of an opportunity of one of these animals for a meal.


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