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How to Travel With Your Pet

For many of us, it’s not a vacation without our family pets. Although it is sometimes difficult to locate pet-friendly properties, more and more owners and hotel chains are beginning to realize that people who travel with their pets are an untapped market. And property managers like Renata Circeo-Loudon of Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals, say that her renters with pets are some of her best customers.

“The people who travel with their pets are compassionate—they care, not only about their animals, but about others and their property as well. They know it is a privilege to be able to bring their pets with them and they want to continue to do so. They realize that if they aren’t responsible pet travelers, then the property owners may decide to prohibit pets. So I find that most are ultra-conscientious about cleanliness, picking up after their pets and respecting others. They are some of my best customers.” Renata-Circeo Loudon, Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals

So how do we become one of those “best customers”?


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