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Training German shepherd to sit

For someone who is looking to buy a new puppy to the family, German Shepherds are a great way to go as they are known for their obedience. However, for those who may not be experienced or have much experience in training animals, we wanted to provide a go to guide that can help them in training their German shepherd dog to sit. Remember these animals are highly intelligent, and are extremely obedient. However, they can also be extremely stubborn at first which means that you’ll have to make quite a bit of time to train them and make sure you follow up with both rewards and discipline to keep them well trained. You will need to start from the beginning and teach the dog from the time it is a puppy which is when they are best capable of being taught something and retaining that information.

What are the steps to strain my German shepherd?

  1. First find a treat that the puppy will enjoy and make sure you stock up well, as this can take a bit of doing.
  2. Have your dog secured before you with someone either holding its leash or tied up to its dog house. Anything that it can be safely secured to that puts you in control and command where the puppy can’t run off or get distracted.
  3. Place the treat in your hand and place it near the dog’s nose, but neither too close nor too far away. You want to be within arm’s reach of the treat.
  4. Move the hand with the treat up just a bit and towards the dogs head.
  5. Naturally the dog will move in flow with the hand that holds the treat and find itself in a sitting up position.
  6. As soon as the dogs behind has touched the ground to signify that it’s sitting, place your hand up in a gesture that signifies for it to sit and then say the command “sit!”
  7. Then give the dog the treat from your hand.

As a final thought, once your German shepherd will sit on command without a treating and just using the hand and voice command gesture, you no longer need to offer a treat. Once the treat is eliminated from the equation then work on removing the hand gesture so that the dog is able to do what you ask with just a voice command. It’s okay to reward your German shepherd now and then for good behavior, but you don’t want to trick them in to thinking that every time they do something that you ask, that they’ll be rewarded. This can be costly in the long run and can also lead to the dog developing weight issues from over eating in things that are okay in moderation, but you certainly don’t want them to binge eat on. With that being said, we wish you the best of luck in training your new German shepherd pup.

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