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Anything I can do you can do too–How I learned to make a film to honour our pets.

I recently developed an online course “How to Make a Film to Honour your Pets”. Thing is, before I started, I didn’t know anything about film making or editing and most challenging of all: when it comes to technology I am a total luddite and numbskull!

Fortunately my partner in this enterprise was Stephanie Powers who had enormous experience from the Vancouver Film School. Our idea was that we would construct the course in the same step by step method that we would teach the course so that I became the first hands-on guinea pig to see if this could actually work for people who were at the same skill level as me.

I learned that by using equipment that I already owned: my little Samsung camera, cheap tripod, a basic recording device, my bicycle lights, and an introductory subscription to Adobe Premier Pro I was able to produce a film that can pass for more than competent. Sure, some of the footage is a bit out of focus (just a bit!) but I learned that creating a great story trumps a few technical faux pas.

My subject was a kind friend of Stephanie’s, David D and his dog, Seamus. I was to plan ahead and then film and interview them over the course of one afternoon and then see if our method worked by editing all the material that I had captured into a compelling short film which I called simply, “David & Seamus”.

By following the same instructions that we would present in the course about pre-production, production and post-production, by creating schedules, doing pre-interviews, creating a shooting script (and most importantly, I found, conducting a very sensitive interview) I ended up creating a film that I’m really proud of. I added the credits and dusted off my Spanish guitar to add music. I wanted all of what I produced to be original to really make the point that anyone can do this. Why? I hear you ask. Well, having lost my dear friend, Louie (possible the most adorable cat in the world!) to kidney failure I wanted others to be able to create a lasting testament to their dearest companion and have that memento forever while they had the chance. And in a way that cost them nothing.

With just a little time and care I am certain that with the method we developed, anyone can make something really special about their pet with no financial outlay. It is there for everyone. That makes me feel good and I dedicated the course to Louie. He’d have liked that. Though I didn’t have the knowledge to make a film about him before I lost him, at least there is something inspired by him that will last and that will benefit others.

Interestingly and poignantly, the film that I created, “David & Seamus” in part expresses my own feelings of loss and underlines the importance of cherishing the once in a lifetime relationship that we share with our special friends. Here is a special (80% off so only $20) link to an introductory coupon to the course and to learn more:

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