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The impact of “Finding Dory” on aquarium fans


Animated films have always been well known for providing inspiration to children and adults in many forms, but none have been as influential as a recent film, Finding Dory. The film’s prequel, Finding Nemo, had seen a huge demand for clown fish, and there has been a similar demand for Paracanthurus hepatus – which is the scientific name for the breed of Dory in the film. The issue is that many people don’t know their co2 reactor from their filter, and for this reason experts have been trying to raise awareness about the dangers of buying fish without first properly researching what sort of tanks and care these fish need. What people often fail to realizes is the tanks, co2 system and water heaters that are used to maintain the correct habitat for these fish are not cheap.

A lack of understanding

Because the only experience many people will have ever had of fish is in a fish tank that they could have brought home from their local fair, they may be forgiven for thinking that a fish such as Dory could survive in these kinds of conditions. The fact is, however, that these fish would not thrive in such a tank, and do, in fact, need specialist equipment to ensure that they are able to live for more than a couple of days. Not only this, but Disney’s portrayal of the fish is somewhat unrealistic, particularly with the fact that offspring are not cared for by their parents – in the wild they would simply be left to fend for themselves, and would then swim in small groups of no more than about 12 fish in total.

An eventual loss of interest

Even if research is done about the breed of fish, and the perfect conditions are replicated, the film is only going to be in the limelight in the short term – and the lifespan of the fish is a lot more than this. For this reason, experts predict that there will be a massive loss of attention, which could result in negligence and the ultimate death of any fish of this kind that have been taken home. Fish need to be cared for in the long term, not just for the length of time that the breed is popular thanks to a film.


Reduction of fish in the wild

This type of fish thrive the best in the wild, yet thanks to the increased interest in the breed there is the chance that any mass fishing could result in the species becoming threatened – a situation which thankfully, as of yet, has not affected the breed. Experts suggest that if you would like to see this species, you should do so from a professional aquarium or, even better, in the wild.

Ultimately, although it might be exciting to be able to keep fish that have been made famous by a popular film a, chances are it is not the best choice for the good of the breed in the long term. This means that you should think carefully before making any decisions, and if you ever do decide to get a new pet, you should do plenty of research beforehand to make sure that you know exactly how to care for it. There are a lot more breeds of fish out there that are a lot better suited as a child’s first pet.

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