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Ruffee Brings Dog Lovers Together

If you are interested in connecting with other dog lovers in your area, Ruffee is an excellent mobile app for you! If you are a dog owner, it would be nice to meet up with other dog lovers so that you can make new friends while running with your dog. Meeting other people in your community who are passionate about their dogs can lead you open to many new friend connections.

If you have just moved to a new city, or a new area, it is always nice to connect with neighbours and to find out about all of the wonderful places in your area that are available for you and your canine. Dogs need space to get out and run around, as well as socialize with other people and animals. By meeting up with other people from your area your dog can be much more sociable and relaxed with other dogs and you can also find prime locations to exercise and enjoy time with your dog.

Ruffee is a mobile app that is all about forging these connections. It is now available for both iPhone and Android mobile device users. When you open up Ruffee, you will be able to find other dog owners within your area. From here you can create your own profile and show off your dog as well. By uploading pictures of your dog and sharing his/her stories, other dog lovers across the world and in your own community will be able to follow you. Ruffee also provides a chat feature that allows you to spend time talking about your dogs and even other subjects that interest you. Meeting new friends in your area that share your interest in dogs cannot be easier.

Either you would like to make more dog loving friends, or just want to learn more about different breeds of dogs that might be in your local area, Ruffee provides powerful features that meet your needs.

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