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Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Using Anti Bark Collar for Dogs

Anti Bark Collar for Dogs Disadvantages

It is natural for a dog to bark most especially if they are threatened or a person who is unfamiliar to them approaches. On the other hand, there are some dogs who just love to bar noisily even in the middle of the night and this can wake you or your neighbors as well. In order to prevent this, some pet owners train their dog to minimize barking or purchase anti bark collar for dogs.

Anti bark collars aim to avoid dogs from barking. There are many products that are sold in the market such as electronic collars, sound collars and citronella collars. On the other hand, it is not advisable that you purchase anti bark collar for dogs. The following are the reasons why you need to avoid using such collars.

Letting your dog wear a collar is a training that is also referred to as a punishment. The dog is being punished by the collar every time it barks by spraying citronella or applying shock. Most of the time, this is ineffective and does not associate with the behavior of the dog.

This kind of punishment or training is never successful since it fails to address the cause of the behavior. There are many reasons why a dog barks. These reasons include frustration, fear, playfulness, anxiety and other environmental factors. Anti bark collar devices  will just temporarily mask the problem but it will not stop your dog from barking.

If your dog is not barking loudly, why stop it to bark? Take note that it is appropriate for a dog to bark since it is also their means of communication. If you place a collar on their neck, it is just like punishing them for their normal behavior. Also, it is considered an abuse if the collar is left on your dogs neck for a long time.


Anti bark collar for dogs can inflict pain to your pets. The citrus smell from a collar can be very overpowering for the dog. Long term use of the collar can also cause distress and anxiety to your pets. As much as possible, avoid using anti bark collars most especially if you see that your dog is not comfortable wearing it.

If you want to treat your dog’s excessive barking problem, you can see a veterinarian or an animal behaviorist so that you can determine what causes these barking. They can assess the behavior of the dog and they can provide effective treatments without the use of an anti bark collar. For more pet supplies visit

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