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Puppy Stairs – furniture for pets

It’s been long said that dog is man’s best friend. No one knows this better than Jeanne and Krystal, the owners and creators of Puppy Stairs, one of the most advanced and healthy alternatives for dogs, cats, and more. Puppy Stairs specializes in furniture for pets that suffer from health problems, such as arthritis or neurological conditions. It has been proven time and time again that Puppy Stairs’ innovative and renowned products help relieve stress, provide relief and secure a healthier and brighter future. Puppy Stairs began when Jeanne’s Yorkshire terrier underwent neurosurgery. With a cheap sewing machine and a few blocks of rubber cubes, Jeanne made her first prototype, disappointed by the selection offered in other stores.

The innovative products offered by Puppy Stairs have been reviewed thoroughly by veterinarians throughout the world. Peter H. Eeg, a leading veterinarian well known for his participation with Pet Talk WMAL, stated that Puppy Stairs “offers an easy alternative for clients who have pets that cannot easily get up onto their favorite spots anymore due to arthritic or neurologic conditions…The Puppy Stairs can provide great relief for the pets and the clients. It allows those pets to live a more normal life…” Countless other veterinarians and doctors have recommended Puppy Stairs, as well.

Puppy Stairs understands that you share a special bond with your pet, similar to the bond that Jeanne and her Yorkshire terrier share. Puppy Stairs can alleviate stress and provide an incredible new way of life for your pets. We want to assure each and every pet and owner can enjoy the comfort and convenience they deserve. To learn more about Puppy Stairs or purchase your very own ramp for your home, visit us at We look forward to working with you!

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