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Pro Athletes Involved with Dogfighting Again!

You will not believe what these high profile athletes are doing. Amazing!

Several high-profile athletes are getting involved with a powerful new anti-dog fighting campaign on A KickIn Crowd ( called, “Unleash The Dogs of War,” which is a crowdfunded documentary meant to raise awareness about animal cruelty, and create support for political lobbying for anti-animal cruelty legislation.

“This work is just as important as helping care forhomeless animals,” Tony Reynolds, creator of the project, said.

Remember Michael Vick’s disgusting dogfighting ring? What happened to Michael Vick’s fighting dogs after the rescue was amazing! These high-profile athletes want to help make sure there isn’t another Michael Vick. They want to help before it’s too late.

Former World Heavyweight Champion, James “Buster” Douglas recorded a short video pitch to urge people to donate and share “Unleash The Dogs of War.”

Shonda Lewis, former Bodybuilding Bikini competitorand founder of the Arnold Sports Festival’s Rock Star Bikini Contest, a premium fitness contest, joined the effort by promoting the video in a press release.

“I think it’s important for people not to forget these dogs are alone, fighting for themselves,” she said.

Former Chicago Bulls player, Granville Waiters, whoplayed with Michael Jordan, joined them to promote the video online, and encourage other’s to promote this crowdfunding. “The animals are alone and need help,” Reynolds said. “This is such a positive thing these athletes are doing, instead of saying “give me,” they are saying, give back, share, donate, get started now and help!”

Reynolds said, “Now there is a way you can help too.” Go to the site, and make a pledge by claiming one of the rewards on the site. “You can make sure this documentary gets aired nationwide and touches the hearts of other people like it touched you,” Reynolds said. #dogrescue #pet #crowdfunding #film #independentfilm #documentary #dog

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