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Parakeet bird Types

Parakeets are not a single kind of bird, but rather a term that denotes a range of parrots of similar size. They are small to medium sized parrots, and they come from all the different continents that parrots come from – Australia, Asia, Africa, and South America. Also part of the definition is that they have long tail feathers. Parakeets, although all related to each other, because they are all parrots, do not necessarily come from the same genus.

In America parakeet is likely to be synonymous with the budgie, that is, the budgerigar, which is a small parrot native to Australia. But in Australia, and in most other places, it is commonly referred as being a budgie.

The rose-ringed parakeet, which comes from the Indian subcontinent and from western to eastern Africa (the African parakeet habitat is a thin, horizontal, stretch of land from one coast to another), has been kept as a pet since antiquity.

The Alexandrine parakeet is the largest of the parakeets. It also comes from the Indian subcontinent, and it bears a marked resemblance to the ring-necked.
These are only some of the most well-known of the parakeets. The full list is very long, and as it is not a scientific category, there is flexibility about which parrots are included and which ones are not.

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