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Naming your dog- a few tips

Picking a name for a dog is for many just like naming a child. Indeed, we as humans develop feelings for our pets as well. They stay with us for an extended period of time and we even mourn when we lose a

Because we will have our pet for so long, we want a name we will like and that will fit our dog. There are a few ways you can get a perfect pet name. Let’s see how to pick one!

Dog’s character

Some dogs are quite domicile, while others are playful and so on. Naming a dog after the character means that others will be able to associate his personality and his name. »Happy« is a great example.


It is often a neat idea to pick a name by the appearance of a dog. Names like Fluffy and Goldie are nice examples of such names.


My favorite way of naming a pet is using irony. Using a name like the before mentioned »Fluffy« for a short haired dog or »Butch« for a small or skinny dog, are all comical and provide a nice chuckle when told.

Importance of the name

When we select a name we should know that it also affects how we and others perceive our pet. It will affect the dog in a great many ways, so being careful when doing so is essential.
There are other considerations also when choosing a name, many can be found at
Many who know astrology like to also name their pets after certain meanings of names. Biblical as well as names from literary characters are also a nice bet for a name.
Finally, celebrities are a good source of a dog name as well. With that said, get to naming your pet!

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