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Hit and Run Victim Turns Tragedy into Inspiration

Pup Protector

Walking your dog when the sun is down can be a scary thing. Pedestrians can be hard to see from a fast moving car when the area is not well lighted. Pup Protector is a company designed to combat this problem because of a tragic accident.

Trevor Jensen was walking his dog one morning, before the sun had risen, and was hit by a car. He had enough time to shove his dog Naraku to safety, but not enough time to save himself. He was struck in the knee and thrown into the air, landing on his head. He sustained internal injuries, a torn ACL and internal bleeding.

After a few years of feeling sorry for himself he decided to find a way to turn the accident into motivation. That’s when he created Pup Protector. Pup Protector has created a line of elegant and unique LED dog collars and LED dog leashes. These collars and leashes are designed to catch a driver’s attention and combat the problem with visibility.

These collars and leashes were tested and designed using input from thousands of customers. Pup Protector reached out to as many people as possible through a kiosk, the internet, social media, tradeshows and every other channel available to ensure that these collars and leashes were products that customers found value in and genuinely wanted.

Most of all, Pup Protector stands behind their product 100% and offers to replace or exchange any of their products, for any reason, at any time.

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