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Have you ever calculated how much your pet costs?

This article is to guide the readers about the real cost of pets they and help them find the best places from here they can buy a pet. Keeping a pet and buying a pet is two entirely different things, those who have pets can differentiate between it very well. The cost you have to pay at the moment you buy a pet is less than the cost you pay when you keep it; to keep a pet is expensive hobby everyone can’t afford it.

It’s a common question from people that how much your pet cost? They are always unaware of the fact that after owning the pet the real cost is infinity because the attaché met and love you develop can be sold or bought by money.

Still clearing some facts or my readers let explain to you how much a dog costs and cut cost, here these two pets are being discussed because they are mostly kept pets throughout the world.

Cost of a cat:

You can buy the cat and a huge range of amount; it could be either of very low price or very high price. The difference also lies in gender basis, mostly males are more expensive than are females, but it’s a fact that female ratio is lawyers less available than male. Cats have a huge range of bread almost around 43 in which the one among the top is Persian, and the rest are following:

  • Persian it is among the most expensive cats. $43-$50
  • Russian these are very rare and are expensive but not more than Persian. $30-$40
  • Siamese cats. These are unique and rare. $23-$40
  • American Shorthair.These are very common $10-$20
  • American curl. These are also common $15-$20
  • American Bobtail. $10-$16
  • American Wirehair.$20-$25
  • Balinese.$34-$43
  • Bengal.$7-$10
  • Birman.$2-$5
  • Bombay.$3-$8
  • British shorthair.$6-$7
  • Burmese$8-$30.etc

So, according to this rate list you would be able to judge that the most expensive cat breed is Persian and why that’s so? It is because of its playful nature and because of its eternal beauty. So now when you enter the pet store look at your pocket and then buy a cat not being biased here, but Persian and Siamese are most cute creatures in this whole world.

Surprising costs of dogs:

You have read about cats and their cost above and must have noticed that their cost varies according to their beauty and nature but let’s see what is being shown here. Dogs are more expensive than cats, both in buying and keeping, this is so obvious there are many reasons behind it, but the basic reason has been dog always wants more space, eat more, litter more, etc. There are thousands of breeds of dog, and every breed is unique in its self so no biased suggestions here.

Following is the list of dogs with their rate list to help you buy the best dog at the best price.

  • Labra dog. It’s an expensive dog rage$950.
  • German Shepherd $200
  • Beagle $250.
  • Golden retriever $300
  • Yorkshire Terrier $400
  • Bulldog $500
  • Boxer $600
  • Poodle $1000.
  • Dachshund $1000
  • Rottweiler $500
  • Double Doodles $700.

These above are the rate list, which you must have gone through and took an idea that from buying to keeping and foster a dog is way more expensive than a cat.

Vaccines, vet treatments and other accessories:

You don’t have just to buy a dog you have to foster it I the best way. Vaccines are more expensive and must that cost of around $400-$200 or even more. Then you have to invest in another vet treatment and accessories etc.

So putting everything in a nutshell , keeping a dog or cat is a huge investment, but those who have this love for pets will always afford them and keep them in the best possible way.

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