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German Shepherd Breed Types

The German Shepherd, as its name implies, has its origins in Germany. In Germany, German Shepherd breed types have split into two distinct bloodlines-the Working Bloodlines and the Show Bloodlines. The official of this breed is GSD, or German Shepherd Dog.

Among dog breeds, the German Shepherd is a relative newcomer, having originated only in 1899. They were originally developed for sheep herding but are now used the world over as the most preferred breed of working dogs in the military, search-and-rescue, police, and as guide dogs. This is due to their qualities of intelligence, obedience and strength as well as well as the fact that they are very trainable.

The German Shepherd work dogs are used in the police force to track down fugitives, to detect suspects, patrol crime-infested areas, etc. In the military, these work dogs are used to highlight booby traps or enemies that may be lurking. They have also been trained to parachute from aircrafts and work as anti-tank weapons. They are also used as rescue dogs and guard dogs.
The show dogs among the German Shepherds are often larger than dogs from the working bloodlines. They also have brighter coat colors. Their temperament may be softer and gentler than that of the working dogs. Still, they are as courageous as protectors as they are friendly as companions.

There are different types of German Shepherds that have their own unique temperament, appearance, and purpose. These fall into the following categories:

  • Show lines belonging to American/Canadian and West German show lines
  • Working lines belonging to Czechoslovakia and West German and DDR/East German working lines

The American/Canadian show lines are the German Shepherd breed types that are most commonly found in kennel clubs. They have a distinctive side gait. They are longer and taller than their European counterparts. They also come in more colour variants than the traditional black and tan, with solid blacks and solid whites even. They have a sloped back. They have a more gentle temperament than the working dogs. They make good family pets.

The West German show lines have a distinctive “black and red saddle back” and require both a show title and a working title. This is one of the most popular types of German Shepherds in Germany. They are larger and have a build that is stockier than the American show dogs. They have a curved back. They make excellent pets as well as service dogs.

The Czechoslovakia working lines are commonly used as military dogs and patrol dogs at the borders.

The DDR/East German working lines were originally maintained only by the government of East Germany. They are well known for their pure breed genes and temperament.

The West German working line of German Shepherd breed types are as good as family pets as they are as working dogs for the sports, service, and law enforcement agencies. They are considered to be the closest to the dogs originally developed by Max von Stephanitz.

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