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Find a Pet Shipping Service

For a pet shipping service, you might visit the website of Paws N Claws pet Shipping Service. This shipping service follow s the regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Act. Is licensed,Bonded and insured.

People who are relocating want to work with dependable, reputable moving companies when it comes to the transportation of their household goods and personal belongings across the state, country or the world.
The same is true when coordinating the safe transportation of their beloved pets.

While many people may choose to drive to their new location with their pets in the vehicle with them, this is not always a viable or best solution.

Certain relocation situations might call for the air transportation or ground shipping of animals, whether due to the distance between locations, or because of the international nature of the move.In either case, companies that specialize in pet relocation can provide the logistical support and personal reassurance that people seek when faced with the daunting task of relocating, not only themselves, but the family dog, cat, hamster, or exotic pet.

Pick the right time to move

For safety reasons, airlines will refuse to fly your pet if conditions are too hot or too cold. If possible, plan your move for a time of year when the climate is not extreme.

Realize that, even though the shipping process is a foreign experience for pets, it will also be a temporary one. You will soon be reunited with your loved one, safe and sound in your new home!

Don’t sedate your pet

Even if your pet is a nervous traveler, never sedate your pet before shipping him or her. The results can be unpredictable and sometimes fatal. Instead, get your pet used to the shipping kennel. This will make it less of a shock on moving day when your pet is loaded into the kennel space for the trip.

Papers, please

Before the shipping process begins, make sure that your pet’s health papers are in order. Shippers may require you to obtain a health certificate from your vet within a certain time frame of the travel date. Also, as some states have regulations about vaccination protection an animal must have in order to cross the border, make sure you know the rules of the state to which you are moving.

Just follow these simple steps and your pet is ready to go.

Get your best online quote now from our website and please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Our Pet Shipping Service s is designed to make pet relocation as stress free as possible for both you and your pet. Door to door service is available

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