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Essential Things to Get for a New Pup

So, you are all excited about the new pup that you just brought home from a shelter, but don’t have a clue of what do next to take a good care of it. Dogs are very loveable beast and the more you care for a dog, it will return it with 2 fold. There are many things that you need to buy for a new pup, such as a dog bed. But you shouldn’t just get out there buy one, instead you should read some of the best dog bed reviews online and then choose the right one.

This theory applies for all the other things that you need to get. Now let’s check out the list of the thing you need to buy for your new canine to make its life easier.

1. Dog Collar and Microchip

The first thing you need to get for your dog is a collar with ID tag on it. This will ensure your dog won’t get lost which is very sad. But an ID tag is not the safest method these days. Because your dog may lose its collar or it may get taken off by a thief. That’s when microchip comes in handy. It’s a small electronic chip that is attached underneath a dog’s skin with the contact information of the owner. This if the dog is found by some nice person or a shelter, there is a good chance that they will scan the dog for a microchip and then return the dog to its owner.

2. Food and Water Bowl

The next things are the food and water bowl for your dog. These bowls are usually stainless steel so that they are very sturdy and your dog can’t break them. You can also get plastic or ceramic bowls but those have some drawbacks. The plastic ones are cheap but they are more prone to containing bacteria and residue. Now the ceramic ones are expensive but look nice. They are prone to breaking as well but as they are heavy, they won’t become a play thing for your dog.

3. Dog Bed and Crate

Then come the dog bed and crate. A dog bed is essential to keep your dog away from cold or hot weather and crawling insects. It also enables your dog to sleep properly and comfortably. As for the crate, you may or may not want to crate train your dog depending on the situation. But it’s highly recommended to create train your dog so that when you leave it home, it won’t tear up the expensive couch that you just bought a few weeks ago.
There are some other things as well to buy for a new canine but the ones mentioned above are the most important ones and are needed very much.

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