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Effective Dog Training Tips

Do you own a puppy or a dog that you love unconditionally but it just won’t listen to you? A dog is a man’s best friend and they can be easily trained to do pretty much anything. But, not everyone knows how to train a dog properly; and if you are one of them you are in luck! That’s because below you will find the best dog training tips that will help you in training your dog the right way.

You should know that the best person to train a dog is the owner, and not anybody else. Here are some dog training tips by Train My Hound that will help you out in training your dog.

  • Listen to your Dog: If you have a dog, you need to understand and listen to it. If you see that your dog does not like meeting other dogs or people, don’t push him in that direction. He’s telling you that he feels uncomfortable, and you should listen to that.
  • Show you affection and appreciation: Many people only show when they are unhappy with their dog, and ignore the affection when the dog does something good. There is a mistake right there; let your dog know when he’s been a good boy and praise him for that.
  • Know your Dog: Keep in mind that just because the box says ‘A treat for all dogs’, does not mean that your dog will enjoy it too. Some dogs are very selective and most of them enjoy chewy toys rather than a crunchy treat.
  • Let your dog know what you want him to do: A simply ‘no’ to a dog is not enough, but tell your dog what you want him to do. If your dog jumps on people to say hello, and you tell him ‘no’ he might think that he’s not doing it right and jump higher the next time. So, along with a ‘no’ tell him what he should be doing instead.
  • Remain consistent: When you are training your dog, don’t forget to remain consistent while doing so. If you tell your dog to get ‘down’ from the couch when someone’s over, ask him to do the same even when you both are home alone. If you do it one time, and don’t continue on it, he will never learn.
  • Reward: If you offer your dog a reward for every time he learns a new command or trick, he will be willing to do so. But don’t force him too much into it; otherwise it may go the opposite way.
  • Freedom: Everyone needs freedom, even your dog. But, not too much as it can lead to destruction of your house. Start off slowly and keep the ‘no dogs allowed’ rooms closed.
  • Have realistic expectations: It takes time for a dog to develop a change in his behavior. You should have realistic expectation about your dog’s changing behavior and you should keep in mind that it will take time. Don’t expect your dog to develop a change overnight. Many behaviors such as barking, jumping and digging will take the most time to change. The time of developing a change also depends on how long your dog is rehearsing the behavior; you only need to be patient about it.

Have fun training your dog!

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