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Dog rescue

Dog rescue workers are doing an amazing job. They also help abandoned animals that are left on the city streets. We found a nice 12 minute long video about Watts Clinic from Los Angeles. In this video you can learn how they get, find and help animals that are offen frightened, hungry and ill. Comunity just doesn’t do enough for them, so lucky for us and of course for this great animals, we have rescue workers like these that are always willing to help.

Don’t forget that these dog can also be adopted. That means that if you’re looking for a nice doggy to run along with you when you go on a evening jogging or to have fun with on a Sunday picnic, you don’t need to hesitate – just contact them and find if they have an animal that you will like, love and care about.

There are more great video about Watts Clinic that you can watch and enjoy.

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