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Does your dog have itchy skin,allergies & ear infections?

I have a dog that had all of those to the point that she had about 80% fur loss, & allergies so severe that three vets said to euthanise her.

She had a lovely nature despite the allergies,I know if I itched all over constantly I would be very grumpy, however, I chose to ignore the vets and try to give her the best life I could.

She was on steroids for life, & they were going to kill her,slowly, I just couldn’t let that happen. I used my background in science & researched for an answer.

I found that the problems were caused by immune system deficiencies. So I researched until I found a likely answer. I came across a natural supplement that would allow her body to heal it’s self I could not use herbs and plants to help her, as she was allergic to too many.

This natural supplement boosts the immune system by giving back to the body the very thing that nature gives every mammal at birth.

Immunity from diseases and the cellular ability to fight diseases and allergens from within.
As soon as I found it, I knew this was it. About 2 weeks after her starting, she was off the steroids.
I am so over awed, I now spend my life helping other pet owners.

To find out how you can help your pets too .. hop over to

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