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Does you dog manipulate you?

If you happen to be a dog owner, it is very likely that you have been subjected to manipulation by your dog, but, are you aware that you are being manipulated? Here is an excellent insight shared by our friends at

Dogs are very intelligent animal and they practically “study” their owners until they become aware of which buttons to press in order to get what they want.

Unless you are an experienced dog owner or a dog behaviorist or trainer who has learned through the years to identify what your dog is trying to do you will make the mistake of giving your dog what it wants or reward it the wrong way.

Not every dog acts in the same way. When it wants something they study their target and then proceed to manipulate its owner. Certain dogs could get away with just about anything because their owners are naive. Some owners either lose their patience or give up.

Here is a list of most common manipulation techniques dogs use when they want something

  • Just stare at the owner with those “I didn’t do it” eyes when they are hungry or want to go
  • They sit where they are not supposed to, to see if they are thrown out
  • Whining or emitting a “crying” sound that makes the owner run to see what is wrong.
  • Dogs may start “kissing” their owner, licking away to see if this loving act will get them what they are looking for.

When you see these kinds of behavior you should become aware of the fact that your dog is trying to manipulate you. if the dog does not try to continue doing what has already been corrected by you then stop looking at your dog as the one having the problem

But we how do we teach our dog the correct behavior? We have all observed that trainers reward their dogs with treats when they are trying to teach a behavior they want. But we can’t rely on always. We need to substitute these rewards with other things until the behavior is produced.

You should always bear in mind that you are the one who teaches therefore teaching has to be done the right way or your pet will never learn!

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