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Cats vs. Dogs: Which One Makes The Best Pet?

The controversy about the selection between cats and dogs has averse with for several years. This is ever since their domestication period. However, there are still a lot of individual who ask the same question, which among the two makes the best pet? The answer greatly depends on the personality and requirements of the owner for animal companionship. If you have owned both forms, you may create your own observations depending on your experiences.

Dogs are extremely loyal to those people who feed them. This pet may be hostile to perceive “invaders” of the home where they stay at. In addition, a good number of these pets have displayed an enthusiasm to put their own lives at risk just to protect their owners. However, there is also a downside to such behavior, like dogs demand so much attention. The owner may sit and scratch the ears of the dogs for couple of hours and may still get a sad look from the pet when it is then time to perform something else.

Even though cats are also seekers of attention, they seem much more independent and aloof. Yet, only don’t assume that they will be there to protect you when a burglar accesses the house. A well trained, intelligent dog can be a good hiking companion. Cats could not care less. That is why the preferences of the owner are a crucial part playing between the debates about cats and dogs.

Cats are totally carnivores, and may only digest meat. You might have seen some cats that eat green grass, yet that is probably due to incurring upset stomach because of something else. Just like people, dogs are omnivores, which are able to take a range of foods into metabolism. The distinction is within the body chemistry of these two species. The main thing when thinking which one to consider is this – even though some dogs might develop the taste for few cat foods, these two forms of food are not the same.

The most significant factor when it comes to the selection between cats and dogs might be the prospective owner’s environment. You will never try keeping a big dog inside an apartment with small space, although the landlord permits it. Once you’ve done this, all of you will be miserable in the end.

Indeed, both species have their individual advantages and disadvantages, and if you are still not decided on which of them to choose, considering the following pros and cons of cats and dogs may be helpful:

Advantages of Dogs

  • Aside from being loyal and faithful, dogs can be a great companion. This pet bond with people. Some say dogs are man’s best friend, what do you think?
  • Dogs may come in several sizes, which offer something for everybody.
  • Dogs also provide protection since most of them will bark keeping you alert about danger. Some would even execute “guard” duties.
  • Dogs may learn different commands and tricks, which make them an excellent choice for the individual who wished to get involved with their pets.
  • Dogs may go for walks. Some cats may do this as well, yet often only within their neighborhood. This makes dogs great for people who look for the perfect walking buddy.

Disadvantages of Dogs

  • Dogs may be pesky. They will not leave you alone if you wish them do.
  • Dogs may demand mental stimulation and exercise, some dogs require more as compared to others. Without this activity, dogs may become very destructive and bored.
  • Dogs may be dangerous, knocking over, and biting people.
  • Dogs produce loud barking noise, which probably gives problem to the neighborhood.
  • Dogs must never be left alone at home no more than 8 to 12 hours.
  • Few dog breeds need daily hair brushing and visits to a groomer. This may prove to be costly over time.
  • You will be required to pick after their feces.
  • Dogs that are not well trained for socializing may draw some problems to other animals, or other people. It should be recognized that few breeds are meant to kill and hunt.
  • Usually, dogs are over prices, particularly by backyard breeders.
  • Sometimes, dogs are much smarter as compared to their owners.

Advantages of Cats

  • Cats may be independent and may be left all alone, as long as they have water and food, for 36 to 48 hours.
  • Cats utilize the provided little box for them.
  • Several cats, particularly those short haired ones, don’t need grooming, as most of them would clean themselves.
  • They are easy to obtain, usually cheap, yet it is not suggested to get free kittens as they haven’t been checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated, etc. It will be more affordable to have them adopted if those necessities are already conducted as compared to taking the kitten to a veterinarian by yourself.
  • Most breeds of cat will catch and kill mice.

Disadvantages of Cats

  • Cats often bond to a particular area than their owners. Sometimes, this causes some problem to people who move.
  • Cats have the tendency to be moody. They will tell you when you may pat them and the time to stop.
  • Cats are fond of high places. Hence, owners should train them from staying off tables and counter tops. They must also provide the pet with apt cat furniture.
  • Few cats, especially kittens, are likely to damage furniture because they are claw aggressive.
  • Once you let them out, they may roam around becoming a pest to the neighborhood.
  • When outdoors, cats would try catching and killing birds.
  • The foods of cats are more expensive as compared to dog food. This is even though cats are smaller as compared to most dogs and so will eat less.

To conclude, whichever pet you pick, you have to conduct more research about the proper care it requires. Especially for dogs, it is vital to perform further research about their breeds as some of them will love running while other may demand mental games. In fact when it comes to dogs, their temperament is much more significant than size in terms of choosing the right one.

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