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Cats as Mouse Deterrents: Will it Work?

There are many options out there to look at if you want to keep your home pest free. You’ve probably read all about the various options available in chemical treatments, kill traps, etc, but another method some people haven’t thought about when looking to get rid of mice in the home is the skills of a cat. No, seriously, this is a stereotype that really has some truth behind it. This strategy can genuinely help, and presents a viable option for getting rid of mice in your home for good. Plus, you get a furry companion. Here’s how it all works.

Cats are natural predators of mice and rats. They are a hunting species that will able to hear, smell, and chase a mouse with surprising accuracy. It is what they are bred to do, and cats genuinely enjoy doing so. Having a cat’s unique characteristics in your home will mean you no longer have mice problems at all, something you will appreciate, and recommend to your friends and family when they themselves are looking for a way to deal with rodents.

So, while getting effective mice control shouldn’t be the only reason you get a cat, it could be one of the reasons. After all, bringing home a cat that is all about hunting is good for the cat too, because it gives him a chance to use his natural instincts. It also gives a home to a rescue animal should you look for a new pest helper at the local animal shelter.


Mice fear the smell of cats, so just having the urine and fur around will be enough to keep many of them from entering your home, and the cat waiting inside with a rumbling stomach will certainly finish the infestation off, ensuring that you are pest free for good. This certainly isn’t the solution for everyone, but it is an alternative if pesticides are really not something you’re interested in.

What more convincing do you need? You could have perfect mice pest control with no chemicals, no inconvenience to you, and a new furry companion that will have a forever home with someone who genuinely enjoys taking care of it. It’s certainly a great way to look at getting rid of those damaging rodents without having to do the dirty work yourself.

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