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Cat Food Basics – Tips for choosing Cat food

Premium cat food nutrition is necessary to keep your cat in good health. A healthy diet is the best way to assure that your cat stays healthy and lives long. You should offer the best high quality food to your cat. Saving by going for low quality cat foods will just increase your veterinarian bills. In this article we will discuss the basics of cat food, what constitutes a healthy diet for cats and various tips for choosing the right cat food.

Hungry Calico kitty named Calleigh

Hungry Calico kitty named Calleigh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Level of Activity of your cat

Not all the cats indulge in the same physical activities. The level of activeness differs from one cat to another and it equally contributes in the type of a diet required. We can find many cat food brands in market with the label “All Life Stages Food”. But one really needs to understand the current habits and health of the cat. Cats staying indoors and involved in less activities are often overweight. Such cats require fewer calories and they need to lose weight. Similarly, the cats which are involved in more number of outdoor activities must be fed with high energy food containing fat. These cats require ample energy to stay healthy.

Another factor that affects a cat’s health is over-eating. The diet must be balanced and should be sufficient for the cat.

Is Your Cat Prone to Allergies?

When we go to the supermarkets, we usually look for lambs, chicken or a fish may be. The choice becomes simpler when your cat has no allergies. Some cats are allergic to lamb as well. Fish suits best for cats which are not finicky. And there are a lot of different types of fishes available as well.

Go for Natural Preservatives, Avoid Artificial Ones

Artificial preservatives can have long term effects on a feline. Many of the artificial preservatives put in the cat food like BHA and BHT, ethoxyquin and propyl gallate are doubted to be carcinogens. A better alternative as a preservative is Vitamin E or C.

Use coupons

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for quality cat food. Good way to save is to use coupons. You can get some recent Sheba coupons at this page:

Additional info about cats – quality food for cats.  Interesting for cat owners about persian cats

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