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Cat Breeds that Look Like Tigers

Tigers are no doubt one of the most majestic big cats on earth. And while the the idea of having one roam around your house may strike fear in your heart, the sight of these tiger-like cats are guaranteed to give you the fuzzy wuzzies.

If you’d like to get your hands on your very own tiger – without risking life and limb – check out these domestic cat breeds that bear uncanny resemblances to the exotic big cat!

Tiger-Like Cat #1: Toyger

Let’s kick things off with the breed that is specifically developed to resemble a tiger, the Toyger. This cat with the striking stripes was the brainchild of a cat breeder from Los Angeles, United States by the name of Judy Sugden.

She conceptualized the breed as a way to raise awareness about the dangers of having tigers and other wild cats as pets. Sugden initially paired a Bengal tabby with a striped Domestic Shorthair to achieve the Toyger’s characteristic tiger-like look.

In case you’re wondering, the name “Toyger” is a shortcut for “toy tiger.”

Tiger-Like Cat #2: Bengal

You’d swear that you are looking at a feral cat that makes its home in the jungle as soon as you have a glance at a Bengal. Apart from looking like a tiger with its unique rosettes and spots, the Bengal also has the appearance of a scaled down cheetah.

Interestingly, it does have the blood of a wild cat running in its veins since its breed is the result of the direct outcrossing of a household feline to an Asian leopard Cat, which was pioneered by geneticist Jean Sugden-Mills in 1963.

Tiger-Like Cat #3: Savannah

Cat breeder Judee Frank didn’t know what to expect when she discovered that her domestic molly accidentally mated with the male African Serval she had at home. However, when her molly gave birth on April 7, 1986, Frank was very much surprised to see a beautiful kitten with large ears and a striking coat with prominent stripes and spots, which eventually became the very first Savannah in existence.

The Savannah doesn’t just have the general appearance of being a tiger or some other wild cat, but can also leap great distances like its jungle relatives. Now while this feline has already been granted a Championship status by The International Cat Association (TICA), it is still illegal to own one in some places in the United States.

Tiger-Like Cat #4: Pixiebob

The wild-looking Pixiebob was originally developed in the late 1980’s by Carol Ann Brewer to produce kittens that resembled the North American Bobcat she saw making their home in Washington state’s Cascade Mountains.

Brewer eventually bred felines with that flaunted prominent stripes that looked a lot like a tiger’s. As a bonus, the Pixiebob also had a buff physique that bore a resemblance to its jungle cat relative.

/H3>Tiger-Like Cat #5: Ocicat

Now while the Ocicat may have a powerful appearance that is akin to most wild cats, namely the Ocelot, its profusely spotted coat also slightly resembles a tiger’s. Just to make things clear though, no matter how wild this cat may look, there were no feral felines used in the development of the breed. The Ocicat was basically a result of the pairing of a ruddy Abyssinian and a seal-point Siamese.

Enjoyed the list of domestic cats that look like tigers? These cats are gorgeous, but they are by no means the complete list – check out the full list of cat breeds. There are breeds for every preference!

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