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Buying Dog Clothes for your furry friend

Dog clothes have become increasingly popular in recent times with the rise of celebrities becoming progressively more infatuated with buying accessories for their furry friends. With this huge demand for dog clothes and other dog accessories, more and more dog clothes for sale are becoming available to consumers. Even though dog clothes have been around for many years, it was mainly dog coats that pet owners were interested in purchasing for their dogs. However more recently coats is just a small part of what dog lovers are looking at. From the very luxurious fabulous dog coats to the most stylish dresses available on the market. It seems that dog owners are going pet crazy and buying every piece of item they can find for their pet.

To a lot of owners having dogs is like having a baby and with the increasing trend of dog clothing, pet owners are feeling need to be involved in this craze. To be honest this can be quite fun for the owner and the dog to be part of, as long as the dog is happy to be dressed up in clothes and of course and is feeling comfortable in their outfit. This is the most important thing to look at when buying dog clothes for your dog.

Buying the right size for your dog can be hard for some dog owners as the majority of dog clothes are made particularly for small breeds. For example a “Large” size is unlikely to fit your Labrador but will probably fit a Jack Russell.  Therefore it is probably good idea to measure your dog before you buy any piece of dog clothing. The majority of sellers will usually have a size chart on their listing for you to measure your dog before purchasing and if they don’t ask for one!
The best way to measure you’re dog is to make sure you and your dog are in a comfortable spot and they are standing still before you begin. Best way is measure around their neck, around their chest and from the bottom of their neck to the base of their tail. Once you have the measurements either in inches or centimetres just check your size chart on the listing to see if they have a size that is suitable for your dog. The image above can also be helpful so you know where you are measuring.
If you are looking at a dog coat for example and your dog has a body length of 12” and the medium size is between 10 -12” but the large is 13-16”. It is probably better to choose the large size you want your dog to feel comfortable in his / her coat and not too restricted.

Remember that all measurements are different for each item, so always check the product as your dog might not always need a Large but another size as manufacturers differ in sizes just like human clothes. 

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