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6 Great Reasons to Keep Leopard Geckos As Pets

Perhaps you have learned about or seen a leopard gecko? This type of lizard has gained favorable popularity in a short span of time and has caused them to be sought after as highly desirable pets. This reptile comes from the dessert areas in South Central Asia, imported to the U.S making a very nice pet. In fact geckos are not difficult to breed and can create offspring that are astounding.

Are they respected much? Here are 6 great reasons leopard geckos have become one of the favorite pets in families and several homes across the world.

#1 – Very Tame and Tender – Geckos are considered to be very gentle reptiles. They’re not the kind of pets that cause harm to their owner. It’s possible for you to love playing with it with no anxiety of getting bit or being harmed by this lizard.

Contrary to the habits of other climbing lizards, toe pads that create the capacity to stick to surfaces are not possessed by geckos. For that reason, geckos often remain on plain surfaces or flat barks and are bad climbers.

This provides the chance to keep geckos in a glass enclosure where they’re unable to climb and escape.

#2 A Special Gecko – As stated before, geckos are not difficult to breed. Their offspring creates distinctive and amazing patterns plus their apparent looks which are really interchangeable. Additional breeding between geckos with out of the ordinary patterns will create new specimens. Gecko morphs are not uncommon and patterns can vary greatly.

An outstanding characteristic is the carrot tail possessed by some specimens. Named after a carrot due to the quantity of orange pigments, this large tail is a fat deposit, which is consumed if food becomes scarce.

Another characteristic that identifies a leopard from other geckos is the existence of eyelids. Contrary to other geckos that utilize their tongue to wash their eyes, a leopard gecko will just blink to clean its eyes.

#3 – Cleanliness – Geckos are creatures that are actually clean. They have a tendency to litter in a particular region of their cage and don’t litter substantially. This allows them to be displayed in any area of your home. Sometimes the addition of a decorative cage can really add to their vibrancy.
Use the same type of material in the areas where your gecko chooses to defecate. This way changing the pad will be an easy procedure to keep the cage tidy.

#4 – Simple to take care of – Geckos require minimal attention. This is why they are ideal first pets. All you have to do is provide a suitable habitat for your gecko to live in.

It’s better if you are able to supply an all-natural ecosystem for the gecko. This means placing stone and logs inside the enclosure. Adding plants or other foliage can give them more places to hide.

In a nutshell, fundamental supplies of a habitat that is good should satisfy the necessity for suitable eating, climbing, hiding, and skin shedding. This can be achieved with correct settings of temperature, humidity, lightings and a proper cleaning regiment.

#5 – Simple to feed – Geckos are essentially insectivores that favor live insects like crickets, cockroaches, small worms and occasionally pinkie mice.
Feeding your gecko is simple as the gecko will hunt it’s own meals as it sees fit. Just place the meal inside the enclosure and that’s it..

#6 – Long lifespan – A healthy Gecko can reach a lifespan of 20 years. This allows for a wonderful pet to be with you for many years.

Provided you keep the enclosure clean, provide the proper climate and food source; your Gecko will live a long and content life. If you’re in the market for a new pet, check out some amazing specimens at your local pet store, or specialty Gecko supply shop.

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