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5 tips for looking after dogs

Despite dogs offering unconditional love, owners that value looking after dogs receive so many benefits in return.

Here will look at 5 tips for looking after dogs that will reap amazing returns in your relationship with your four-legged friend.

Looking after dogs 1 – exercising

Despite the many varieties of dog in society today, they all share one thing in common. All dogs need exercising – not just the big, active ‘working’ dogs – including those small, ‘toy’ breeds. As fashionable as it may be to accessorise your delightful little Chihuahua with the latest ‘on trend’ handbag, he still needs to walk his little legs, Paris.

Dogs that exercise regularly by walking are happier, healthier and better tempered – so don’t overlook this vital tip to looking after your dog.

Looking after dogs tip #2 – feeding

When looking after dogs, how you feed him will have a big result in how your relationship is with him. Not just the type of food, but regular meal times he can get used to – and look forward to – will have him doing anything to please you so you give him his favourite food.

One other tip on looking after your dog by feeding – remember, you will (generally) be cleaning up after him, so it’s in your interests to keep him healthy with good quality food!

Looking after dogs tip #3 – playing

Dogs love to play – on their own, with their owners, and even (most times) with other dogs – so don’t neglect this key aspect to looking after dogs.

Whether it’s with the latest throw toy, a tugging rope and just an old pair of socks, playtime is the easiest time to really build a loving relationship with him. Be there for him for even just a few minutes, and he will always be there when you need him.

Looking after dogs tip #4 – grooming

Once of a day, looking after dogs by grooming was nowhere near as popular as it seems to be today. Even ‘low maintenance’ dogs enjoy being pampered too, and it’s also vital for their own health.

Take time to have your dog regularly groomed, including cleaning coat, disinfecting, clipping nails, washing ears etc. and you will appreciate it – even if he doesn’t at the time!

Looking after dogs tip #5 – loving

Now whilst the previous 4 tips are important for looking after dogs, we’ve saved the most important tip to last – loving.

We know you love your dog, but let him know too – as much, and as regularly as you can. See, whilst it’s said that dogs offer unconditional love, the truth is just a little bit of love given to him will bring lots of love back from him for a lot longer.

So there you go, five tips for looking after dogs – so get to it by:

  1. loving
  2. grooming
  3. playing
  4. feeding
  5. exercising
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