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Unless your dog has a rash or other skin problem, a monthly bath should be enough to keep him clean and pest free. It needs to be part of your regular pet care and pet health routine. There are a few variables that might make that answer change though. Just like humans, some dogs need to be cleaned more often than others. If you own a Basset Hound or other dog with an oily coat, he may need more frequent baths than his short-haired counterparts. Beagles and other short-haired breeds require less frequent bathing. The following five steps will help you give your dog a bath, hopefully without too much of a fight.

  1. Before the bath, give your dog’s coat a good brushing. A soothing brushing will get rid of any tangles and snarls in his coat and it might make him feel more relaxed before his bath.
  2. Avoid human adult and baby shampoos. They can prove very drying to your pet’s skin. Use a shampoo formulated for dogs. Ideally a shampoo with a built-in conditioner is your best option. Try the Puppytails Shampoo and Shake . It eliminates a second step and leaves your dog clean and sweet smelling.
  3. Wet your dog’s fur thoroughly with lukewarm water. Dog skin is more sensitive than ours and more prone to temperature changes. Water that’s too hot can burn the skin under his coat, and water that’s too cold can shock him unnecessarily.
  4. Work the shampoo into a good lather. Scrub the fur gently, but well, and rinse. Be careful to rinse very thoroughly because shampoo residue can irritate your dog after it dries.
  5. Finally, towel dry your pet as much as possible and then allow him to have a good shake and let him air dry. You’re done.

Make sure you follow bath time with a special treat. Bathing is a necessary step in keeping your dog clean, in good pet health, and parasite free.

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